KC imploding early

John Kelly

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What ends up happening after not converting that fake punt, your defense goes into shock. Like what just happened. Now it puts pressure on them to stop KCs offense and essentially you check out because your emotions are all over the place.

Now its 24 to 14 and more b.s. happens that essentially isnt in their (defense)control and now 24 to 21. You go from dominating to back in a war all for what? Not the defenses fault persay.

Defense goes into shock.

I like that phrase.
I would like to know who had a hand in that fake punt. That's the only thing I want to find out after this game.

Yeah, that seemed like a strange call.

Don't go for 4th and a foot deep in KC territory but fake it in your own territory on 4th and 3 when your team is leading?

Another case of over coaching, I call it the Gruden disease. Why do the right thing when you can be a "genius" and the lead story on SportsCenter?

John Kelly

Born Gambler
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The Texans with conservative fourth-down playcalling deep in KC territory and liberal fourth-down playcalling on their end of the field.


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Plus it's weird that they go conservative after Romo thought for sure they would go for it but then deciding to kick a field goal, only to later stupidly roll the dice.


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Chiefs are 7.5 over the Titans, have a feeling this line goes up, the Ravens losing makes my Chiefs +300 to win the AFC look a lot better


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That's why I'm curious. He didn't go for it in that situation so why would he do something like that there?
Element of surprise? Was clearly losing the momentum? He was a 10 pt pregame dog? His team might give up 7 straight tds so he knows he needs to do some things out the box? I could go on for hours lol. Call was fine, just a coach trying to win a game the result sucked. I blame the asshole with the ball who let the one guy in the whole stadium that sniffed the play out stop him.
To me it comes down to risk vs reward, the risk is you give KC the ball at your 30, the reward is you have a first down at your own 30, to me the risk far outweighs the reward, just a dumb call, there's no way to defend it
Totally with Kane. There was one way for KC to get back in the game. Hous doing something stupid to give them life. They did, and as a Chief fan, I was beyond thrilled. I was dead, the crowd was dead, and the Chiefs Were dead. Until that play. Hous got desperate, with a 17 point lead, instead of just playing football.