Keep Rapinoe on the bench

An organized kickball player with purple hair talking as though she's a somebody.

I'm sure the White House will survive without you there trying to pocket the silverware.

Fing idiot.
Megan Rapinoe in her CNN interview with Anderson Cooper blamed the prison system for "screwing up" her brother's life.

No follow-up question from Cooper.

I saw a news article about Brian Rapinoe, a real piece of work, drug addict, and white surpremicist in prison. Cooper is so ignorant he probably didn't know who he was.
She Plays in a Women's Professional Soccer League, that NO ONE cares about.

World Cup and Olympic Tournaments save her.

She should be sleeping with the American Flag.

Kissing it. Thanking it.

But she's a Dumb Liberal Fruitcake.
Girls soccer partcipation in soccer is down last 10 yrs, the straight girls have shifted to volleyball in usa