Living The Good Life in Las Vegas, Nevada

This Las Vegas life is wearing me out, Celine is there at 8 am to borrow a cup of sugar. I kibitz wih her for an hour before I head to the pain medication clinic to plunk down money and put in my order for opiods,. I come back and Garth and Elton want me to hear their new duet. I start breaking down the games. Donny and Marie come over, and we enjoy a nutrisystem meal together, Marie be hot. You can gaze at her forever. Now the Prince of Abu Dhabi shows up to go eat the buffet at The Orleans He has a 2 for 1 coupon
Finally they leave..
Re: Living The Good Life in Las Vegas, Nevada

do the two gay lion tamers still live there? I imagine they never started their act back up after the one got half eaten right?
Re: Living The Good Life in Las Vegas, Nevada

Which is more fun? Listening to the recent poker bad beat story or the horse player who had 2 of the 3 horses in the tri but left out the "fuckin 6"
I'll never forget Jeff running the FezzDaq. Based mostly on free plays and bonus whoring, it was great following hundreds (perhaps thousands) of $10 to $100 bets including a 3rd party loan to close out a future bet. Originally it was supposed to turn $1k into $100K, but reality set in and the goal was quickly reset to $10K.

At one point, the $1K bankroll mysteriously had $1.9K of bets pending. JJ was using Modern Monetary Theory before the Dems got a hold of it.