My final polls

boston massacre

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California Must Be Communist.

The Liberal Quacks in California, Still Have Congressional Races Where They've Counted Less Than 40 % Of The Vote.

Congressional Races !

People Like Kane Must Be Counting The Votes.


EOG master
Hey scumbag, where's that red wave I kept hearing about? All you have left is to whine like the bitch you are about rigged elections


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Praise the Latino vote in Nevada to get the Dems over the top…
latinos are going R, its fake ballots, all the liberal athiest jews in summerlin, filipinos and union workers who are forced to turn over ballot to their union leaders. lombardo won thanks to latinos


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There is something to be said for saving the lives of innocent babies. is that more important than politics?

I'm not even anti abortion, I just dont think you should be able to abort a 7-8-9 month baby for convenience , is that radical?
Democrats know how to play this angle. Just turn it into a Women's Rights issue and push the nasty detail under the rug.


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K Porter by 0.7 over baugh
Newsom by 19.3
Lake by 8.1
Lombardo by 5.2
Masters by 0.8
Oz by 2.8
Hershll Walker by 3.2
JD Vance by 8.8
Witchmer by 0.1
M GATES BY 11.1 over s field
Gracey Vandermark 3.3 over Gina Garvin
other state senate races

wash D by 2.2
NH D by 0.5
NCar R by 6.1
vandermark by 5 over garvin


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How much fake currency is circulating. Would think the Fakers would go there before the ballot box.
dirtbag thief that owns FTX launnders and and steals money with help of DNC and Ukraine in an incestual way. they answer directly to the anti christ,, they have 1 to 10 yrs left on earth and then its hell for them


NHL Expert
So much winning! lol.

The truth lives on.

"Everything Trump touches dies"

This home stretch is going to be the best.

All the whiney Karens are coming out of the woodwork now in force.

It's a beautiful thing.

We hate rubbing your noses in it.....but it's not like we didn't tell you so. For years now.


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"The MAGA mandate doesn't require governing. It's never been about that. The MAGA mandate is about democracy denying. It's about undermining our elections and institutions."


EOG master
One last hail Mary for the Kari Lake crash. It's almost over for these poor soles.

Look at these fucking nut jobs, no wonder they lost, the election denying Trump boot lickers want the military to re-do the election, LMAO, so glad the American people voted against crazy. We'll keep winning, and they can keep whining about rigged elections, fucking kooks