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Eleven suspects are now in custody for the attempted murder of David Ortiz.

All 11 will spend one year in preventive detention as the crime investigation continues.

How dangerous are court proceedings in places like the D.R.?

The officers who accompany accused criminals to court wear masks to hide their identity.
Apprehending Ortiz’s attackers was a priority....probably more so than the deaths of tourists....court proceedings are not that dangerous compared to the inmate facilities....all 11 of those arrested will not come out of lock down together....those officers who wear masks do so for a reason...
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No plans to visit Saratoga this year, but with the state of racing in California, I will be there in years to come.

Love the way NYRA presents its simulcast product.

So clear, so clean and so consistent.

Hope all is well, Fifty.

YEP that NYRA simulcast is great and only getting better.

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The ladies of the WNBA don't have the strength to finish at the rim.

I see it nightly.

They have the speed and the skill to get to the rim but they miss a lot of easy shots in the restricted area.

That's not sexist, that's reality.