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McVay used the 5 WR sets plenty tonight.

Stafford found the mismatch alot tonight.

The rams are going to be a difficult matchup if the weakness of your defense is your secondary as Stafford got rid of the ball quickly and looked very relaxed in the pocket tonight.

an easy 321 yards for him tonight.
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The opening odds start here
I can't think of one single favorite I'm betting this Sunday. No, I'm not on Detroit, but I'm passing that game. Does anyone really want to lay points with a road team coming off a 1-15 season? Do you want to lay more than a TD against a team with a strong defense (Chicago) while the opponent is arguably the most (over) hyped team in the league? Under Tomlin, what happens to bettors who bet against the Steelers when they are dogs? It's not good. Do you want to lay more than a FG on the road with a team who's clear top 2 RBs are out and you now face an opponent playing for the first time with fans in their new stadium? I guess Minnesota would be one favorite that I'd consider. But that's about it.
One of the more memorable back doors ever down 24 with 2:00 left.