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once the apps come out for AC books and Monmouth, this will be corrected as they lose action (you would think)

yes to a degree. Many people still do not know the difference between 10 cents and 20 cents. We all know many places will still deal horrible prices.


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BP2 They offer reduced juice on Yankee games if not daily a few times weekly..I am not 100% sure but I believe its capped at 250.00 or thereabouts .
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Rhode Island did sign their "venue-limited" sports betting into law.
There are lots of signs that RI will fall far short of their revenue goals (ridiculous estimates that could be called "political fantasy" .. LOL). Start date isn't until October 1, 2018.
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Going back and looking this, I think you are way off on the handle in RI.

When it first opens, the handle will be very high.. much higher than the average book in Vegas. There is a huge sports betting market in Boston and providence. It’s bookies and gambling galore. The local casinos are always packed.

The handle that they will be getting from neighboring states ma and ct will be huge.

Now once ct and mass get it legalized, most likely in early 2019, Rhode Island handle will be bad cause those other states will do it much better.
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Let's update RI's performance so far:

First, the state and books screwed around and didn't start until (late) November 26, 2018, missing most of the NFL and CFB regular seasons.

Super Bowl performance was abysmal. RI handle of $6.4M was rather pathetic, less than 5% of Nevada's and obviously RI had a massive loss. RI's revenue goals were not only ridiculous, but the long-term future looks even more bleak, especially if MA and/or CT get their act(s) together as noted by BP2 above.
Taking almost 7 million in bets is impressive, considering there are only two sport books and also considering the hour long waif on average the last week

Adding kiosks in March will help lines for the tournament,but this time next year, they will have 10% of the handle they have this year due to mass andct


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RI books at Twin River and Tiverton are run by WH and the R.I. lottery.. A bill to add mobile betting passed initial stages today which would obviously increase handle..
RI lottery I guess has their own set of lines ? I see DB has it on the screen. Mobile / desktop will be great for RI . Nobody will drive 10 miles to put in a small wager. They would play on credit or offshore first unless they had nobody to play with.