Old Creepy Joe. Just getting it done

mr merlin

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i seen a video of him holding onto a desk with 2 hands but i think it was an old one. Holding onto a desk could mean parkinsons.
It could be parkinsons, it could be he's just putting them on the table, if he stroked his schlong while he sits there what would that mean?


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Visuals as this are pure bliss as we watch this Bafoon rot, debilitate and slowly sink to death. I love a slow and hideous death spiral, rot in hell Bafoon.

boston massacre

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Humanity from the White House. Non existent from the last POTUS.

As Hunter Biden struggled with Burisma fallout, his father moved to fire prosecutor probing firm​

Memos show parallel tracks between father, son on a corruption issue that would eventually ensnare Ukraine, and U.S.


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Pure "happenstance" Prigozhan's plane happens to fall out of the sky.

I think most felt Putin would have him killed when he fled to Belarus. Nope. Let him live. Let him think he was free......what, some 6 weeks after launching a coup? Either extremely naive or stupid for him to be flying in Russian airspace. An "accident", of course.

Next we will hear Putin praise him as a war hero.

pro analyser

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Biden will go down as one of the worst presidents ever. Inflation is brutal, Numbers are a lie and alot worse than reported. If you rent or buy food you are affected. Oil and gas which went down with the release of petroleum reserves,was just a temporary fix. The dollar which is fine now will eventually tank,when recession is a reality causing a depression, and Brics nations trade in their own countries currency, thanks to Biden stealing Russias dollars and cutting them out of paying their debts. The buying of votes of illegals,loan forgiveness,are evident. If the trump cuts,are eliminated you will pay more income tax. Another 4 years of Biden is good for me personally(gold and silver will sky rocket due to the country falling apart) but for most(that are not rich)they will suffer greatly. Always ask your self:Are you better off with Biden,since he became president. If you are please list why.
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