one nhl play


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Re: one nhl play

Thanks. Bruins are not playing well enough, the other night notwithstanding, to justify the high odds, but NYI never wins there.


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Sharkey's Machine/Kings

i actually can make compelling cases to bet on and against both sides so when that happens it is best to PASS

ONLY bet i could make in the Bruins game is O5 but the day i lay -155 on a total is the day i stop betting


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Re: one nhl play

Thanks and GL, Dink. Already got them -133, but that includes OT. Guessing you like the regulation play to mitigate against a fluky/shootout result after 60 minutes.


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Re: one nhl play


layed -35. Late money on LA (Pinny) was a little unnerving.

LA changes goalies tomorrow v. Nashville. Bernier owns
them. Any opinion Dinky or Winky?
Re: one nhl play

i would never think of playing the kings tomorrow...i think if you take the +09 you will be able to earn at post...i never care about a goalies past record against a specific fact i never really care too much about a goalie....


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Re: one nhl play

strange money on kings...nashville plays tomorrow so maybe no rinne???...he is one of the goalies who does matter
100% agree - doesn't have goalies posted yet - or rather one for the Preds. then again there have been some very curious line moves for tonday's games