Paul George

Is it just me or has his brain slipped a little bit - like Giannis's always has - around being aware that he needs to stay on the court in a critical game?

Seems to have happened a few times these playoffs where his carelessness and lack of common sense have cost him and his team.

Bets aside, impossible not to cheer the Nuggets home...
i think the reggie miller thing is reggie's homage to indy. thats his nickname when he was a pacer. and who on the planet wants to call someone "playoff P" on air without sounding like a douche?
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His head wasn't in this it comes out he has some issues with teammates most notably Harrell.
had the Clippers not traded away Gallo and SGA I wonder if they're still playing, not to mention I'm sure they'd like to have the 5 first rounders they gave up as well. I understand Khawi said he would only go there if they made that trade, but if Presti hits on a couple of those picks, this is shaping up as a great trrade for OKC