Railbird vs SlipperyPete Election Contest.....

There have been some updates that make both capper's estimates closer to actual, I have used the actual state percentage results to 4 significant figures, executive summary below:

With all 40 states having 99% or more of the precincts in and 25 at 100%, Rail has maintained a large lead with a total deviation of actual from estimated % of 94.4% (average 2.36% per state) to Pete's 197.9% (average 4.95% per state). Best state for Rail is Florida at 0.05% off, for Pete with New Mexico off by 0.21%. Worse state for both was West Virginia.

Rail has the better estimate in 30 states, Pete in 10. Rail is closer in 5 of the 7 "conflict states", all but GA and MN. For the 19 states which contributed at least 3.5% difference in the two cappers' estimates, Rail had 17 closer and Pete had 2. This is responsible for a large part of the margin of victory for Rail.