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Re: RATE US...

Ken...If there is one thing I know..its forums...heres some suggestions...

3.Start banning people. I know this is the last thing you want to do but when you get idiots on here like BeanTown, alot of people get turned off.
AAO i like you buddy but you got to get off this kick you have with banning people. You know what happens to a site that constantly bans people? It ends up like the former Phoenix site. You get guys crying for bans every other minute and then people get banned it turns to a ghost town. Who wants a site where everyone is holding each others hand? Put Beantown on ignore for goodness sakes if he bothers you that much. I for one enjoy when Beantown and the Shrink go at it. Some of those threads are the funniest on the net. I doubt Shrink will ever admit this but i bet he gets a kick out of Beaner post some of the time. Shrink could charge admission when those two go at it :+textinb3
Re: RATE US...


I have to admit, BTJ used to be the dumbest motherfuck on the forums.

I guess he probably still is but one day I responded kindof pissed off to him and Mofo told me don't worry about him. He was probably laughing the whole hour it took him to come up with the funny post he made.

Ever since then, I have pictured his goofy ass laughing, and literally falling out of his chair while typing a msg. I bet shrink likes it from time to time as well.

Beanerboy is alot funnier now that he isn't here every second. Once a week isn't too bad. Kinda funny even.