Ron Rivera Fired...

any idea what the line was at Pinnacle before they took it off the board? curious to know if they put it back with a different number even though there shouldn't be any line movement at all because of a coaching change
I'd move the number a bit because it's clear the Panthers are a mess with Rivera. New coach comes in and they get rid of that overhang plus everyone knows jobs are on the line.
Rivera was a league worst 2-10 on wining the coin toss. Not sure if he went with the same caller all those games, but results are results and he was clearly not getting the job done here. Putting your team behind the eight ball week after week by losing the opening toss is a recipe for disaster. Guys WANT to win the toss...makes um feel good. And say what you want about Sean McVie, but it's worth noting he is a league-leading 10-2 on the toss. Is it any wonder that the Rams seem to be gearing up for a late-season run after thrashing the Cards. I think not!!
You think Kitchens is gone?
He never should have gotten the job in the first place, and unless the Browns somehow make the playoffs, I think he's gone. With all the ego's and characters on that team, Cleveland needs a head coach that immediately commands respect, someone who's been around and has had success, Kitchens looks like and sounds like a country bumpkin, I don't think the players have much respect for him and I think he's in over his head, he's never been a head coach before and there was a lot of pressure on him to win this year, the expectations, fairly or unfairly, were high this year, but things haven't worked out, Mayfield has taken a step back from his rookie season last year and some of that is on Kitchens. An unproven coach having to deal with massive ego's combined with high expectations was a recipe for disaster. Rivera would bring them instant credibility, he's gone to a SB and has had success, he's someone the players would respect, not saying that's the guy they should get, but he is someone I would consider. Whoever gets the job has to be someone the players will have immediate respect for, a guy with a proven track record. I would fire kitchens as soon as the season ends and go in a different direction if I were the Browns.