South Dakota State -16.5...What am I missing?

Love SDSU tonight. They should absolutely kill this Denver. 2nd best 3pt shooting vs top 5 worst at defending the 3 (41%). SDSU has killed better low end teams all year... including
WIU by 40 just last week

Another angle I like is that daum had his worst career college game last time out..4 pts. I think he goes off tonight. When him and Jenkins are on, this offense is close to being unstoppable.

Having said all that... the line movement is perplexing to me. I got it at open yesterday t -18, thinking it would go up to -20 but instead it has gone done all day to -16,5 now.

My bet is in so I can’t changes it, but is there something I’m missing? SDSU might win by 40
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Nice play - they are up to already in the first half. when you get time - look at their shooting %'s at home and then compare that to the road.


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No, Daum is a big guy that can shoot 3’s. He is not a back to the basket scorer. He will work for the ball on the perimeter and take an open three. If they run him off the line he can drive a few steps and has the ability to stop and pop ten footers. I did not listen to the game on the radio tonight but, maybe, ran into a good defensive strategy. Have to check for foul trouble.

But, I think you guard him with a smaller guy and take away the drive. He dominates guys his own size by driving by them when they contest his shot.
Seventeen points is a lot of points for a conference game.
There offense towers over a lot of the mediocre defensive teams in that conference. Usually leads to easy wins— blowout wins- in conference. Look at the game vs western Illinois on the road just a week before. Denver just happened to show a lot of fight despite falling behind early