Sunday Basketball

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easy no swear winner with this top play on the dog today.4 straight top play winners this week to cash here.back in a short
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Thanks CheapSeats, i hope sunday going your way there.Adding Hartford+4 for 4*.............Lehigh+9 for 3*
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Ck not sure if u saw in your other thread, I went and informed pats fan for you..he was a bit sketchy about keeping the bet since u can't post there, u might wanna figure out a way to possibly email him.
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Tm thanks for the help, i can post at the rx put im on post review so they dont want any members coming over here to find me where im posting at imo.They did this and took away my pm, so i could not tell my friends there what kind of crap wil did to me for damn nothing............but again thanks for