The EOG Octagon (EJD5277 versus RAILBIRD)

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The EOG Octagon is a head-to-head handicapping showdown featuring a winner-take-all purse of 2,500 bananas.

Each contestant provides 1,000 bananas to the prize pot with EOG supplying the added money.

The format is flexible.

This month, the participants have agreed to 40 plays over 31 days with the handicapper earning the most units being declared the winner.

All plays must land in the range of -200 to +200.

Contestants are allowed only one wager per event.

Contestants will post selections using prices and pointspreads from the following establishments: CRIS, Pinnacle, BetDSI, Westgate and William Hill.

Once a contestant posts a selection, neither the contestant nor the opponent can submit a play in the same game.

To make an official selection, each contestant must submit the following four pieces of information in the post: Betting number, team name, price/pointspread and available sports book.

The handicapper with the most units at the end of the month will be declared the winner.

At month's end, the winner stays on the court for the following month and the loser goes home.

I'll try to recruit ABUNDY, CHO, FAIR WARNING, HEIM, KANE, NUT6, PINNACLE420, SCOOPER, SVBETTOR, TOBY TYLER, VIEJO DINOSAUR and others for this space in 2019.
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No doubt.

Though Birdie claims to have been a better tennis handicapper back in the day when the tour made many more stops in southern California.

Makes sense.


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Plays #1-#2:

Monday July 1, 2019

1:07 PM ET/10:07 AM PT:

Grand Salami OVER 60.5 runs -104 @ Pinnacle

7:05 PM CT/5:05 PM PT:

962 Texas Rangers (-1.5) +135 (Suarez/Minor) @ Pinnacle

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The Utah Jazz Summer League started tonight.'

Final score: Miami 106 Los Angeles Lakers 79.

Halftimes last only eight minutes long.

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Not from where I sit.

Note: JK initially posted that Rail split his two first picks, and edited my Quote.

Got it.

I wanted to set the record straight without confusing anyone, but I added more confusion by editing the quote.

I will not pull that move again.

My bad, Bob.

Hope to see you in August.