The EOG Octagon (RAILBIRD v John Kelly)

John Kelly

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The EOG Octagon is a head-to-head handicapping showdown featuring a winner-take-all purse of 2,500 bananas.

Each contestant provides 1,000 bananas to the prize pot with EOG supplying the added money.

The format is simple: Thirty plays over a 30-day period featuring NFL, NCAAF, NBA and NCAAB plays.

All plays at -110 or less.

Contestants must select full-game sides or totals, first-half sides or totals and halftime sides or totals.

Contestants are allowed only one wager per event.

Contestants will post selections using pointspreads from the following establishments: CRIS, Pinnacle, BetDSI, Westgate and William Hill.

Once a contestant posts a selection, neither the contestant nor the opponent can submit a play in the same game.

To make an official selection, each contestant must submit the following four pieces of information in the post: Betting number, team name, price/pointspread and available sports book.

The handicapper with the higher winning percentage will be declared the winner.

Tiebreaker: Better record over the last 5 plays, last 10 plays, last 15 plays and so on.

At month's end, the winner stays on the court for the following month and the loser goes home, except for our initial showdown which will feature a Best-of-3 format.

I'll try to recruit ABUNDY, EJD_5277, HEIM, KANE, NUT6, PINNACLE420, SCOOPER, SVBETTOR, TOBY TYLER, VIEJO DINOSAUR, YISMAN, ZZYZX ROAD and others for this space in 2019.
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Im 1-0 vs jk in contests i first heard jk on the radio between baker and primm back in 1991 on the stardust show. I would go on 3 week sports betting benders, made most my plays at imperial palace, mirage, and barbary coast


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Im 1-0 vs jk in contests i first heard jk on the radio between baker and primm back in 1991 on the stardust show. I would go on 3 week sports betting benders, made most my plays at imperial palace, mirage, and barbary coast
What were the results of the first contest between you two?


The opening odds start here
To be even more fair, that '-200 over any of these cupcakes comment' in the factsman thread also suffered a major loss of credibility.
Be careful what you wish for.

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The Missouri Valley Conference this season has hit a new low.

After Creighton left in 2013 and Wichita State took off in 2017, the writing was on the wall.

Expect the league to trend downward in future seasons.

The 10-team MVC is led by last year's NCAA tournament darling Loyola-Chicago and they play a conservative half-court style which works in conference play but got overwhelmed this season when playing Power 5 teams, losing by 14 points earlier this season to both Nevada and Maryland.

Last year's tournament wins over Miami, Tennessee, Nevada and K-State were aberrations, possibly answers to Sister Jean's prayers and more likely the product of a dream season.

Historically, MVC home courts have held up well and I expect the same thing to hold true Saturday.

There are five conference games set for tomorrow and the pointspreads of the five games (Pk, Pk, -1, -1 and -3) speak to the competitive nature of the balanced conference.

I'll try three MVC home teams tomorrow in my competition against Railbird.

Play #1 638 Evansville -3 (-110) at William Hill

Play #2 740 Northern Iowa +1 (-110) at William Hill

Play #3 770 Illinois State -1 (-110) at Westgate

I'm betting against both teams that exit a low-scoring overtime game from earlier this week (Missouri State 55 Valpo 54) and also fading Loyola-Chicago off its underperforming win over Northern Iowa this past Wednesday.

Interesting to note: Illinois State's 69-55 victory over Drake is even more dominant than it appears because Drake scored the final nine points of the game in garbage time.
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One more play coming later tonight.

Four plays to leadoff the competition.

A record of 4-0 is the obvious goal, 3-1 is the realistic goal and 2-2 is not a disaster.

John Kelly

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I'm going to focus on Saturday's big board of college hoop games this month.

I expect more than half my plays to be submitted Friday night for Saturday.


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Good luck JK ....I'm watching the Wisky - Maryland game thinking of RailBird.

5 white guys on the court for Wisc, 5 black guys for Maryland. Wisc == Ivy school white
I love JK but at +185 to beat Birdie, is he a live dog or dead money?
I've been in six different 30-game contests at EOG and have never won fewer than 17 games.

I am also #1 seed in EOG's Best Bet thread.

I have an .818 winning percentage in H2H contests.

This is the data and this is why I'm -200 chalk.
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