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As we approach the end of week #2 of the competition, I feel so excited with the games ahead moving forward.
As we all know in this stuff we do, we are going to suffer irregular paranormal activity such as almost getting +15
and betting against correctly, teams that have trouble scoring and still falling in defeat or being up 10 with 7 minutes
to go and then donk'IN the game away. Guns N Roses said it best "what's so civil about war anyway"
many thanks to peeps wishing me well, as I wish you well this upcoming week in the sports investing markets...

1) #388 Kansas Jayhawks +14.5 -110 BetDSI LOSS
2) #709 NYKnicks-Dallas Mavs Over 217.5 -110 William Hill WIN
3) #349 Oklahoma Sooners-Texas Tech Red Raiders Over 77.5 -108 Pinnacle WIN
4) #389 Texas A&M +4 -110 William Hill PUSH
5) #457 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6.5 -110 William Hill LOSS
6) #466 Denver Broncos -1 -110 CRIS LOSS
7) #733 IUPUI-Xavier Over 147 -110 CRIS WIN
8) #784 Texas Longhorns -25 -110 William Hill LOSS
9) #197 Texas Longhorns-Texas Tech Red Raiders Under 62.5-110 William Hill
10) #199 LSU Tigers-Arkansas Over 47.5 -110 William Hill


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I don't think anyone beats me in this, I am number 1 now in best bet thread for 4 yrs consecutive now. I can see me holding on to this for months alsp, maybe years. #winnerstays. they will discontinue this contest before I would ever lose to someone.

I would play you for everything you own including your dumb MAGA hat.
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Not really....just pointing out that the fraud laid a bad number.....I wouldnt back Leech with your money....hahaha
I don't like Leach either.

Lots of crazy hype associated with his "Air Raid Offense."

I need a head coach who focuses on all three phases of the game.

Interestingly, unlike the vast majority of his counterparts, Leach never played college football.