I love this idea. I wish the tie breaker used first would have been units won to show a handicappers ability to find lower juices plays and to take a shot on moneyline situations.

Looks like rain tree is going to smash his 30 plays in about a week.

John Kelly. Good contest.
Once again hahahaha I’ll play in the next one i would love to play the winner... I would be up for January when college basketball is in full effect and yep I’ll post my bananas up beforehand just let me know JK


EOG Master
I need to find teams like NEV that are still pumping up 3s up 11 with two to go taking very little off the shot clock.
I don't think anyone beats me in this, I am number 1 now in best bet thread for 4 yrs consecutive now. I can see me holding on to this for months alsp, maybe years. #winnerstays. they will discontinue this contest before I would ever lose to someone.