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not sure if rail is Pelosi

but i'd lay -200 he pisses sitting down
and -500 he's a cunt

wait thats 2 bets on the same guy
is that allowed ?

didn't see if it was allowed in the rules

FACTS is a funny guy.

Here's a winning tip: Cooler heads will prevail.

Let's be civil and avoid the vitriolic language.

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It disgusts me when gamblers attack other gamblers.

Where's the brotherhood?

Gamblers have enough opponents already without attacking one another.
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John I’m busting balls you know that

Rail bird attacks everyone
He even brought up my son
In this thread

I find this all amusing
Waiting for someone to say
We staged this for more views

Would be a clever move

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Let's not attack one another, let alone attacking family members.

Always poor form.

Just off the phone with Birdie.

FACTS requested to play as many as four wagers per event.

Birdie agreed to the compromise.

Shutdown avoided.

Now if only Trump and Pelosi would follow our lead.
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FACTS drove the lane with BIRDIE planted firmly underneath the basket.

Lots of contact, no call.

I was seen in a striped shirt underneath the basket with palms raised upward and then pointing the other direction.


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I work till 5 ct so by the time I get home I have like 15 minutes to put in some bets in and enjoy the night bets during the week. I literally only have time to follow a few guys on this site which I love to do. I am sure im not alone with other working gamblers that do that. some people just have so much bitterness towards the guys in the contests that it is fairly annoying. I understand u guys commenting forgot more than I will ever know about gambling even at 56yrs old but there is nothing wrong with being cordial. sometimes the pettiness especially in this thread comes into play and gets in the way in my small frozen Wisconsin opinion
whats next a sit down

mob hits get ok'd quicker then

as i said can have the dime in 5 minutes

waiting for railbird to approve it ??????????????? who the fuck is he

fuck him and his nazi-broke dick ass
Mr. Kelly needs to ask of himself.. “Am I Mitch McConnell?”
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Good catch, Kane.

TCU at SMU on December 5.

Pomeroy's site does an excellent job of identifying home, away, neutral site and even semi-home and semi-away games.

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When u sleep in your own bed the night before its not a road game, ft worth- dallas is not a road game

Interesting distinction.

Carry on.

I'll be rooting for Birdie's selection.

826 Kansas -6 -110 westgate

Jackson White pg has knee issue, 1st road game of season for fraudulent frogs

The point guard is not Jackson White, but Jaylen Fisher.

I love Fisher's game.

He does a little bit of everything and he makes everyone around him better.

Fisher is easy to spot on the floor because he's an albino.
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now i really feel like shit

i'm getting my ass kicked by a guy that doesn't know ft worth is next to dallas
and cant spot a shame on me from one broward county guy to

01/09/2019 @ 06:30 PMCBB[1784] 1H Xavier -2.5 -11001/09/2019 @ 06:30 PMCBB[1782] 1H Georgia -0.5 -11001/09/2019 @ 07:00 PMCBB[1800] 1H Creighton -1.5 -105