The EOG Octagon (RICHSOX24 v SKINNY)

so it is different numbers for overnight .... or sportsbook numbers
Betting numbers are changed for each date's games. An overnight (or future) game keeps the same betting number so it (somewhat uniquely) identifies that game. If the game is declared "NO ACTION", a new betting number is usually assigned if the game is still played (e.g. change of venue).
I would enjoy to watch two college basketball heavy weights go at it. skinny and ....well railbird. Not sure if they would prefer the non conference time or wait until the conference season to take the gloves off.

before I met skinny at a lunch that jk set up (and flipped the tab for I am thankful JK) I always thought he was a person who weighed 350 pounds and the nickname was a play on it. No he lives up to his name. skinny.
Play 14 125 Oklahoma -10.5 -109 (pinny)
Play 15 177 Michigan St +10.5 -109 (pinny)
Play 16 199 USC +10.5 -112 (pinny)
Play 17 204 Iowa +3.5 -109 (pinny)
Good thing about this contest is that skinny can't go four corners. He has to take 40 shots but from the look at his offense he is using the entire shot clock. Richsox is more of a run and gun approach.

Styles make fights as I've heard.