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Never received that note....

Hold the phone.

I assumed you were ready when asked.

My bad.

I was angling for a potential RAIL-VIEJO war with apologies to our streaking winner SKINNY.

Are you game for a February or March matchup or would you prefer a fall showdown during football season?

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Will take March....thanks JK.....

March it is.

A rich month for college hoops.

Additionally, the 2020 MLB season starts on March 26.

Here's a note from CBS Sports:

Opening Day is March 26

The 2020 season occasions a relatively early Opening Day -- Thursday, March 26, 2020. As has been (very) recent tradition, all 30 teams are slated to be in action.

The slate includes notable matchups like Cubs-Brewers, Nationals-Mets, Twins-Athletics, Giants-Dodgers, and Angels-Astros.

Twelve of the 15 games will be intra-divisional clashes.

That's followed up with an abbreviated seven-game schedule on Friday, and then full 15-game slates on Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29.
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Prop I saw offshore:

Which will occur first:

Railbird will fade a move. -110

Viejo will throw him a compliment. -110

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As I recall, BIRDIE was at his best when he was watching Thursday night college hoop action from the Pacific time zone and wheeling back Saturday with a series of logic-based pointspread winners.
It's Super Saturday.

Figure these two guys would be firing away..huge board of games.

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