No need to check on his Providence line, I was on screen and saw the game open at 8, I planned on taking Providence but was only able to get 7. He, unlike you, doesn't have a history of posting bad lines
It is ridiculous to assert a line history shouldn't be checked in this case, the line at WH changed from Prov +8 -110 to +7 -110 at 08:35:19 PM PT(LvaSports line history feed) and +7.5 -110 at 8:35PM(VegasInsider history), Ron's EOG post was stamped at 08:35 PM PT. I seriously doubt you were watching the WH line during that less than one minute when the line changed and Ron posted because if you were watching, you would know it was an extremely close call.


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This is correct, I posted the play at eog then tried to bet it at plus 8.

I didn't get the bet in, it had just moved at that minute.

When I posted it, was 8 at both William Hill and South Point.
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