I would second that fact that sleepy didnt angle shoot against the all time angle shooter in railbird so this was most likely a misstep by him.

Railbird has a long rap sheet of posting lines that are long gone after RAS releases a play and he copies at the old line.

For him to call out sleepy shows how low of a pos he is. God is taking note.
not XFL (just cancelled), not CBB (last games cancelled), and not exhibition MLB (now suspended) still available today as well as golf :)
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Looks like this contest is cancelled. Bit like the duel in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. The Black Night has both his arms and legs cut off. But he can’t admit to a defeat so he agrees “alright then, we’ll call it a draw”.
hey loser. get out of this thread with plays.

you LOST. you are NOT in this contest. stop being a crying ex gf who cant handle the attention on someone else.

should get a ban for harrassment.

but then again you would jump out of a window if you weren't able to post here for any amount of time.

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The March edition of The EOG Octagon is currently on hold.

Sleepy (+3.7 units from a record of 11-7) leads Viejo Dinosaur (-3.4 units from a record of 1-4).

This event will end Tuesday, March 31, as scheduled.

EOG will declare the competition NO CONTEST if the coronavirus outbreak continues to disrupt the sports schedule.

Two actions will then take place: 1) A refund of Viejo Dinosaur's entry fee and 2) A refund of Sleepy's entry fee PLUS we will award Sleepy the BetDSI bonus money ($500) as a consolation prize.