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raiders will say it was all easy passes because of offensive line and receivers. If Mahomes doesn't hit raiders' degree of difficulty which has no ceiling, doesn't count. I hate Mahomes but I hate raiders more because he is psychotically dishonest.

Didn't Joe Montana and Steve Young have Jerry Rice, who has been argued by quite a few to be the GOAT of non QBs? Didn't Marino have Clayton and Duper? Bradshaw had Stallworth and Swann. Oh yeah at WR Mahomes has a DIFFERENT Rice and Valdes Scantling. So he argued Mahomes benefitted from his receivers (not unlike most great QBs) but doesn't give credit when the receving "room" is subpar?


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Raiders calls Mahomes a game manager, he has the most passing yards per game in NFL history, here's the top 25, pretty good for a game manager









Patrick Mahomes





Drew Brees





Justin Herbert





Andrew Luck





Matthew Stafford





Joe Burrow





Peyton Manning+





Matt Ryan





Tom Brady





Kirk Cousins





Kurt Warner+





Jared Goff





Philip Rivers





Dak Prescott





Ben Roethlisberger





Aaron Rodgers





Carson Palmer





Deshaun Watson





Dan Marino+





Derek Carr





Eli Manning





Josh Allen





Kyler Murray





Tua Tagovailoa





Brett Favre+






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Right now he's the be best and he has a chance to reach and pass Brady. No guarantee. Will have to maintain quality of supporting cast and coaching stability but it is scary howid many trophies he could lift.
As I've posted before, there is no debate who the best is today, the question is by the time he retires, where will he rank among the all time greats, to me he's already up there with guys like Brady, Manning, Marino, and the rest of the greats, his resume through 6 years is better than any QB in history, even better than Brady, if Mahomes retired today, he's a first ballot HOFer, and given his age, he's far from done, and he's done it the last two years with one of the worst groups of receivers in the league, the guy has one weapon at TE, and that's about it


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Didn't Joe Montana and Steve Young have Jerry Rice, who has been argued by quite a few to be the GOAT of non QBs? Didn't Marino have Clayton and Duper? Bradshaw had Stallworth and Swann. Oh yeah at WR Mahomes has a DIFFERENT Rice and Valdes Scantling. So he argued Mahomes benefitted from his receivers (not unlike most great QBs) but doesn't give credit when the receving "room" is subpar?
Montana had the GOAT of receivers, Marino had the Marks brothers, Elway had the three amigos, Manning had Marvin Harrison, every great QB has had great receivers to throw it to, Mahomes had Tyreek Hill, but as you well know his receiver group the last two years has been among the league's worst, and all he's done is win back to back SB's with a group of receivers that led the league in drops


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Mahomes is already fifth in playoff touchdowns (41) and eighth in passing yards (5,135), while also having the highest passer rating in NFL playoff history. Based on the start Mahomes has already had to his incredible career, it's fair to rank him as a top-three quarterback in NFL history.


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Mahomes has the highest passer rating in NFL playoff history, pretty good for a game manager


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Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to their third Super Bowl victory in five seasons.

Where does that put Mahomes in the GOAT conversation?

Seriously, he's in that now. Mahomes, 28, has two MVP awards and three Super Bowl rings. The three-time Super Bowl MVP delivered his latest, greatest performance in the 25-22 victory against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 58. Mahomes finished 34 of 46 for 333 yards, two TDs and an interception – and he led the game-winning drive in overtime with a three-yard TD pass to Mecole Hardman.

A panel of 12 Sporting News staffers submitted their list of top-five quarterbacks of all time. Mahomes was one of three quarterbacks on every ballot, with just two quarterbacks left to catch.

Here is a look at our top five quarterbacks of all points. Quarterbacks were voted on from 1-5 on a points system where five points were given on a first-place vote.

Top five NFL QBs of all time

1. Tom Brady (2000-22)​

Votes: 60

Brady was the No. 1 quarterback on all 12 ballots, and it's hard to dispute that now. Brady was 7-3 in 10 Super Bowl appearances and won Super Bowl MVP honors five times. He was a three-time NFL MVP who is the all-time leader in passing TDs (649) and passing yards (89,214). There is no metric where Brady falls short in a 23-year career with the Buccaneers and Patriots. Brady is the quarterback Mahomes – and every other QB – will try to catch.

2. Joe Montana (1979-94)​

Votes: 45

It's easy to forget how good Montana was, but our panel was consistent in its voting. He was voted No. 2 on 10 of 12 ballots. Montana owned the Super Bowl spotlight as the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. He had 1,142 passing yards, 11 TDs and no interceptions in four Super Bowl appearances, and that included the signature game-winning 92-yard drive with a TD pass to John Taylor in Super Bowl 23. Montana won two NFL MVP awards. He ranks 19th in TD passes (273) and 22nd in passing yards (40,551). Still, "Joe Cool" holds on to this spot.

3. Patrick Mahomes II (2017-present)​

Votes: 29

Is this happening too fast? Mahomes, 28, won his third Super Bowl in four tries. He's a three-time Super Bowl MVP and two-time AP NFL MVP, and that resume has landed him in the top five on our list. Brady and Montana were the only other quarterbacks on every ballot. Mahomes had six third-place votes, and there is room to make a run at the top two quarterbacks on this list. He ranks 39th in TD passes (219) and 67th in passing yards (28,424) – numbers that are only going to go up no matter what happens in the playoffs for the rest of his career. The fact he's 15-3 in the postseason remains the most-impressive stat of all. The debate with our next quarterback is fluid, but who else would you want in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl after watching the last two seasons

4. Peyton Manning (1998-2015)​

Votes: 27

Manning – the No. 1 pick in the 1998 NFL Draft – was voted second on two ballots and left off two others. Manning is the only five-time AP NFL MVP award winner, and he ranks third all time in passing TDs (539) and passing yards (71,940). Manning was 2-2 in the Super Bowl and won one each with Indianapolis and Denver. Manning was a 14-time Pro Bowl selection, and the rivalry with Brady was the standard in the NFL for almost two decades. Manning was 14-13 in the playoffs.

5. John Elway (1983-98)​

Votes: 7

Elway – the No. 1 pick in the 1983 NFL Draft - received two first-place votes and emerged as the best choice after the defined top four on the list. He won the NFL MVP award and made five Super Bowl appearances, with back-to-back victories in Super Bowl 32 and Super Bowl 33. He retired on top as the Super Bowl MVP. Elway's combination of arm talent and mobility was tough to top in the 1980s – and "The Drive" against Cleveland in the 1986 AFC championship game still resonates. Elway ranks 14th in passing TDs (300) and 12th in passing yards (51,475) all time.


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Mahomes is one of only three QB's in history to win 2 MVP's and 3 SB's, Brady and Montana are the other two, and he's all of 28 years old, pretty good company for a game manager


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I believe that Patrick Mahomes is the greatest quarterback any of us have ever seen. Before you hit me with a “well, actually” — probably with some, uh, let’s just call them choice words attached — just hear me out.

I can understand why someone would disagree here. I’ve heard all the arguments before. He’s only been in the league for seven years. He’s already lost a Super Bowl to Tom Brady and Brady’s got seven. Joe Montana’s got four. Mahomes only has three. He’s still got a long way to go before then. I get it.

But there are two things I would say to you in response that may or may not shift your opinion on this.

The first is that he’s got plenty of time here. Just like Brady, he’s already won three Super Bowls by the time he’s 28 years old. But, unlike Brady, I would argue that Mahomes has legitimately been the catalyst for his team winning all three of his first championships.

Obviously, football is a team sport. Mahomes isn’t the only player contributing to these Chiefs’ Super Bowl wins. But there’s a reason he has three Super Bowl MVPs to Brady’s two in that same spam. His playoff numbers so far also dwarf Brady’s. He’s been more impactful while being just as steady a hand at QB. Mahomes has 41 touchdowns and over 5,000 yards to Brady’s 20 touchdowns and 3,217 yards. Part of that is era, obviously, but 41 touchdowns are still 41 touchdowns. There’s no denying that.

There’s no reason to think Mahomes and the Chiefs won’t keep this pace up, either. He’s been to the AFC title game every single year of his career. He’s also been to four Super Bowls where he’s now won three of them. And you can argue that he just went back-to-back with the most flawed team he’s ever played on. There’s a world where things only get better from here. I think we’re living in it.

That’s the first point. I didn’t forget about the second. And that’s this: Sometimes, you just know it when you see it, right?

You can just see greatness when it lines up in front of you. That’s how it felt watching Tiger Woods play golf in his prime. It’s like, yeah, I’ve seen a lot of good. I know what great looks like. But I’ve never seen anything like that.

That’s what it feels like to watch Mahomes to me.

Rattle off whatever Super Bowl numbers you want. You can yell at me until you’re blue in the face about ring count and head-to-head matchups.

But, setting that reductive math aside, every season that I’ve watched Mahomes I’ve seen him do things no other quarterback could dream of. If you took all of the best traits from some of the most remarkable quarterbacks in NFL history and put them into one person, that person would be Mahomes. He’s a created player. It’s literally like he’s out there playing Madden sometimes.

His arm is a rocket launcher that somehow shoots darts at balloons. His mind is like a supercomputer — he already processes the game just like his predecessors and he’s only 28. He can also make plays with his legs that most of them never could.

Look, I’m not saying that you have to agree with me. I’m not even saying that those other guys don’t still have a claim here. You’re free to have your own opinion about this. But the reality is I’m just beating you to the punch here.

Sooner or later, you’ll come around. The wins will keep stacking up. The trophies will keep going to Kansas City. And, eventually, Mahomes will win you over, too. Because that’s what he does, man. He wins.

Patrick Mahomes is inevitable.


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I'll stop now, but believe me I can sit here all night posting articles already calling him one of the all time greats, and the guy still has another decade of football ahead of him


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Patrick Mahomes has ushered in the newest dynasty in the NFL, leading the Kansas City Chiefs to three Super Bowl titles in a five-season span. Mahomes has won three Super Bowl MVPs, trailing only Tom Brady for the most Super Bowl MVPs in NFL history.

At this point, the only quarterback Mahomes has to catch in the greatest quarterback conversation is Brady. This demonstrates how incredible of a start Mahomes has had in his Hall of Fame career (yes, Mahomes is a Hall of Fame-bound quarterback at age 28).

Going down the list of postseason accomplishments, Mahomes is already among the all-time greats at quarterback. His 15 postseason victories trail only Brady (31) and Joe Montana (16), largely considered the two greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Brady and Montana are also the other two quarterbacks with three Super Bowl MVPs (Brady has five and Montana has three).

Mahomes is the first player to win two NFL MVP awards and three Super Bowl MVPs before the age of 30. He's just the second player amongst the "big four" American sports leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) to have three championship MVP awards before turning 29 (Magic Johnson is the other) and the first player in NFL history to have three Super Bowl MVPs in a five-season span.

Since Mahomes has his third championship, only Brady (7), Montana (4), and Terry Bradshaw (4) are the quarterbacks with more NFL titles. Of course, all those quarterbacks, including Mahomes, have won back-to-back titles.

Mahomes is already fifth in playoff touchdowns (41) and eighth in passing yards (5,135), while also having the highest passer rating in NFL playoff history. Based on the start Mahomes has already had to his incredible career, it's fair to rank him as a top-three quarterback in NFL history.

Mahomes deserves to be in the same breath as Brady and Montana
. Has he surpassed them already? Not quite. Here's our ranking of the top three.

3. Patrick Mahomes​

Mahomas is off to the greatest start for a quarterback ever. He already has three Super Bowls at the age of 28 and three Super Bowl MVPs. He's on that exclusive list of winning two NFL MVPs and three Super Bowl MVPs (Brady, Montana are the others) -- yet Mahomes isn't even 30 yet (Brady reached this feat at 33 and Montana at 34).

Only Bart Starr (.900) has a better playoff win percentage than Mahomes (.833), as Starr was 9-1 in 10 playoff starts while Mahomes is 15-3 in 18 playoff starts. Mahomes also has the best best road and Super Bowl win percentage of any quarterback in NFL playoff history with an .833 win rate (5-1, minimum five starts).

The comebacks are also a part of the story. Mahomes is 3-1 when trailing by 10+ points in a Super Bowl. Every other quarterback is 4-48. He's the only quarterback in NFL history to be over .500 when trailing by double digits at any point (17-14, minimum 10 starts). All other quarterbacks are 224-1,202-5 (.158 win percentage) in games their team trails by double digits.

The regular season stats will get there, but winning three championships and having two NFL MVPs at the age of 28 has merit. In six seasons, Mahomes has two MVPs, three Super Bowl MVPs, one Offensive Player of the Year, led the league in touchdown passes twice, and passing yards per game twice.

There's plenty of time to add to these accomplishments

2. Joe Montana​

Just like Mahomes, Montana has two NFL MVPs and three Super Bowl MVPs. Montana led the 49ers to four Super Bowls and won all four of them, orchestrating a game-winning drive himself in Super Bowl XXIII (culminating with a game-winning touchdown pass to John Taylor with 34 seconds left).

Montana originally set the standard for performance in Super Bowls. His 11 touchdown passes in Super Bowls trail only Brady for the most in NFL history, and his 68% completion rate is the second-highest for any quarterback that's started in multiple Super Bowls. Montana has completed 68% of his passes for 1,148 yards with 11 touchdowns to zero interceptions in his four Super Bowl appearances, an astonishing 127.8 passer rating.

Basically, Montana and Mahomes have the same career in terms of regular season and playoff awards (both have an Offensive Player of the Year award as well) -- and Mahomes is just one behind Montana in Super Bowl titles. Mahomes is on the path to passing Montana in career touchdown passes (Montana has 273, Mahomes has 219) and passing yards (Montana has 40,551; Mahomes has 28,424).

Crazy to think Montana has just one more playoff win than Mahomes at this stage in the game. But we can't put Mahomes ahead just yet.

1. Tom Brady​

Brady is still the standard for quarterback play -- and will be for a long time. Brady won seven Super Bowl titles in his career, the most by any player in NFL history and more Super Bowl titles than any franchise.

In addition to Brady's seven Super Bowl titles, his five Super Bowl MVPs are the most in NFL history. Brady has the most passing yards (89,214) and passing touchdowns (649) in league history, along with the most quarterback wins and Pro Bowl selections in league history. Brady is the only player to win a NFL title in three different decades and is the only starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams (Peyton Manning is the other).

Brady has the most passing yards (3,039) and passing touchdowns (21) in Super Bowl history. Remember, Brady has the most championships as a player in NFL history (seven).

Seven championships, five Super Bowl MVPs, three NFL MVPs, two Offensive Player of the Year awards are just the beginning of Brady's accolades. He also has the most postseason wins (35), playoff passing yards (13,400), and playoff passing touchdowns (88) in NFL history). Brady also led the NFL in passing touchdowns five times and passing yards per game three times.


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Mahomes became the first player in the history of the four major US sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL) to win the championship MVP award three times in his first seven seasons


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“I already consider Mahomes the best, and if he wins this one, it’s done. Like I’m good.
I’ve seen enough,” Nate Tice, a former NFL coach and scout who is now a football writer and podcaster, told CNN Sport prior to the Super Bowl.


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KC offense was very pedestrian this season. No breakaway backs. Average receivers. A All-Pro TE but every team has one stand out skill guy.

It was really Mahomes and the Pips.


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Amount of holding calls on Chiefs L3 Super Bowls:

In the 4 SB's the Chiefs have played, they've been called for a total of 24 penalties totaling 213 yards, their opponents have been called for 21 penalties totaling 157 yards, and of those 24 Chiefs penalties, 11 have resulted in a first down for their opponent, 6 opponent's penalties have resulted in Chiefs first downs, this past SB 3 penalties against the Chiefs resulted in a SF first down, zero penalties against SF resulted in a Chiefs first down. The intentional grounding call on Mahomes was a bad one, he has a receiver 5 yards away, even Steratore disagreed with the call, and the biggest penalty in the game came in OT when SF had third and long and Purdy threw it away, but instead of having to punt, the refs called holding on a Chiefs DB, which led to the FG they kicked. The narrative that the Chiefs get all the calls isn't correct.


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During the regular season, the Chiefs were called for 112 penalties, totaling 990 yards, their opponents were called for 100 penalties totaling 829 yards


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The Chiefs were called for 161 more penalty yards than their opponent, the 6th worst differential in the league


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This past season the Chiefs were called for 30 holding penalties, the most of any team in the league


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In the AFC Championship game against the Ravens, the Chiefs were called for 3 holding penalties


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ESPN’s Mike Tannenbaum, an NFL front office insider, picked the Chargers to make Super Bowl LIX. Although Tannenbaum has the Bolts losing to the Lions, a Super Bowl appearance would be a huge feat, considering Los Angeles didn’t even make the playoffs this past season.