The UTARDS just made the playoffs


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The other day I took a flyer on them at +3500 to win it, if they can get in anything can happen, they have a good team and a great coach, of course there's a reason they were 35/1 though
I dont like herbert, wild pitcher, holds ball too long, bad decision maker.
Here is Sportswriter John Canzano's writeup on Oregon after their poor performance beating Ore St.; " If the Ducks don’t play much better, Utah will mummify them.

This wasn’t a performance that made anyone wonder if UO still belongs in that playoff discussion. It was evidence that they belong nowhere near it. And it raised reasonable doubt about Oregon’s ability to stay within a couple of scores against the Utes next Friday at Levi’s Stadium.

I can’t decide whether Herbert or offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo had the more unremarkable game. Herbert looked ordinary, completing 18 of 30 passes for 174 yards. He missed short on some open receivers. He overthrew some others. He was treated late in the game for a laceration on his throwing hand, but by then, he was mostly handing off..... Observing Arroyo calling plays — run, run, pass — is like watching a kid playing hide-and-seek tuck himself away in the same hiding spot every time.

We can see your shoes, coach. You’re behind the drapes....better yet, the King's new clothes are hard to fact invisible.

So which had the more disappointing day, Herbert or Arroyo?.......both."


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I said from the very beginning Huntley is shit....he doesn't have the it factor like Hurt or Tua. Defense can only take you
so far.
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