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now that we understand rig count lets move back to geopolitics.

Here is a wonderful article by Forbes on how the orange headed idiot fukked his own oil industry while simultaneously sukking his own dikk.

let me preface this by saying despite Dunkee' astute views on the Argentinian boll weavil poulation, Forbes is a leading economic publication and that the persons who contributed to this article abstain from having relations with house pets.

This article really displays how fukkin indisputably clueless Turnip is.
It's funny how you retards always post OPINION articles and try to state them as facts. LOL.

Sure. Why not aim for $2000/bbl. LMAO.

LOWER oil prices help the economy as a whole, retard.

And nowhere did he claim that lower prices were BANKRUPTING the oil industry.

You lose again.

But keep trying, dumbfuck.
Pretty omniscient article and all.

"President Trump seems to have a blind spot on oil prices that might have been appropriate a dozen years ago when the U.S. was a net importer of 13 millions barrels a day of petroleum and petroleum products. But this summer U.S. net imports fell to just under two million barrels a day, and they are on a trajectory to reach zero in a few years. That is, unless we enact policies that hurt the U.S. oil industry. "

Not completely wrong on his projections at all. Only off by "a few years" and "policies that hurt the U.S. oil industry." LMAO.

Keep scouring, dipshit.

Maybe you'll find one that sticks eventually.
Nazi Twitter censoring? Who Woulda Thunk it? And they F'n want Your Drivers License?

As Predicted: Parler Is Banning Users It Doesn't Like
from the that-did-not-take-long-at-all dept
Mon, Jun 29th 2020 12:08pm — Mike Masnick
Well, that did not take long at all. On Friday we predicted that just like every other social media platform out there, the new favorite among people who falsely say that Twitter is censoring conservatives, would start taking down content and shutting down accounts just like everyone else. Because, if you run any sort of platform that allows 3rd party speech, sooner or later you discover you have to do that. In Friday's post, we highlighted Parler's terms of service, which certainly allows for it to take down any content for any reason (we also mocked their "quick read on Wikipedia" style understanding of the 1st Amendment).

What we did not expect was that Parler would prove us right so damn quickly. Over the weekend, Parler was apparently busy taking down accounts.

And he was not the only one.

There's a lot more as well. Parler seems to be banning a bunch of people. And it has the right to do so. Which is great. But what's not great is the site continues to pretend that it's some "free speech alternative" to Twitter when it's facing the same exact content moderation issues. And, yes, some people are claiming that Parler's quick trigger finger is mostly about shutting down "left" leaning accounts, but as with Twitter's content moderation, I won't say that for sure unless I see some actual evidence to support it.

What I will say is that when politicians like Ted Cruz say he's joining Parler because it doesn't have "censorship," he's wrong. Same with basically every other foolish person screaming about how Parler is about "free speech." It's got the same damn content moderation questions every platform has. And it's pretty silly for Parler's CEO to refer to Twitter as a "techno-fascist" company for its content moderation policies, when his company appears to be doing basically the same thing. Amusingly, the CEO is also claiming that "If you can say it on the street of New York, you can say it on Parler. Except that later in that same article, he admits: "You can’t spam people’s comment sections with unrelated content." Except, you kinda can do that on the "street of New York." (I recall there being more than one street in New York, but whatever). Anyway, this was always bogus, as you can see from the fact that so many accounts are being banned.

As I've said before: I think competition is good. And, personally, I'd prefer there to be many more competitors (though, I wish they were interoperable implementations of a protocol, rather than individual silos, but...). So, I have nothing against Parler existing. In fact, I think it's an excellent demonstration of why the concerns about "dominance" by Twitter or other platforms is silly. It's possible to create alternatives, and Parler has shown that it's able to attract a bunch of users. At least for now.

But what no one should do, is think that Parler is somehow any more "pro-free speech" than Twitter is, or that it doesn't pull down content and accounts. Because it does.

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How can Parler be doing "basically the same thing" if Twitter isn't censoring accounts?

Gotta love how the evidence of someone having their account shut down on Parler is some idiot Tweeting he had his account shut down.
I've answered it about five times already. Hence, me saying "for the fifth time in the same thread".

You're really intelligent.
What are they asking for besides your phone number(easy get arounds if too gutless to give), and a CAPTCHA Challange? I'm using the info YOU are providing, dunkee?
Hey stupid, I just said I'm not having the exact same conversation with you again.

You can keep trying to lie to yourself. You're not convincing anyone smarter than you that it wasn't censorship though. So you can give up already.
Hey stupid, I just said I'm not having the exact same conversation with you again.
Because you have no response, little BSer. You're as censored as BTJ is because he doesn't remember his PW somewhere. You're just a little bitch that would rather falsely cry about "Censorship" to his fellow brain dead, paranoid internet fascist buds, so they could nod like the sheep they are.
You really need attention badly. Don't you?

I can login to Twitter, dipshit.

Somehow I can't post or view anything.

Same shit though. Right?

You're as dumb as the rocks that billy pounds every day to earn a living.
I don't know how many times you need to hear this...

My account did nothing to warrant being flagged as a bot other than argue a political side.

And I don't know how many times YOU need to hear this. Their algorithm identified you as a bot. Rightly or wrongly, don't matter. There's a VERY simple fix. You refuse to do that fix. You'd rather falsely complain about bogus "censorship". When a store says you need to put on a mask, or shoes, or a shirt, to go in, you put on the mask, or shoes, or a shirt, and go in. Problem solved. Or bitch and moan like a little whining baby. You choose to whine and complain, like the little child you are. That's YOUR choice.
For the fifth time, the idiot who couldn't code a Hello World app in 2 years is trying to tell me what an algorithm detects.

Fucking hilarious ignorance.

Stay stupid, idiot.
Keep telling yourself it was me that flagged my account as a bot.

What an idiot.
It don't matter who or what or why your account was flagged. They gave you a SIMPLE fix. YOU refuse to do it, because you're a whiny little bitch that would rather moan and complain about fake "censorship", then fix the situation.
I guess Nazi Twitter out for the little guy as well, LMFAO:

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I guess Nazi Twitter out for the little guy as well, LMFAO:

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why you steal my toy mutherfukker???