Put a half u on Patrick here by decision +375. Mason Jones takedown defense was pretty poor imo. Patrick is a control grappler. Think theres a chance at stealing an ugly win.
I have Makwan here but am ready to fire on Kirk if this fight gets to the 2nd round. Makwans cardio is brutal and Kirk can bang. Very clean powerful striker. He engages too much in the grappling however and think Makwan can choke him out early.
Lean Salikhov here. Doesn't have enough output to wager on him though. Trinaldo so durable, decisions always scary with Salikhov because he doesnt throw enough
Lets go Boser. Don't really see where Latifi is superior outside of power. Boser has fought and won against more talented and more powerful strikers. Boser one of the few technical strikers with good footwork in the HW division. Latifi KO or bust IMO.