Fiziev is outstanding. But this price seems too wide. Bobby Green the king of forcing ugly decisions. Green's striking should be enough to keep him competitive but I really expect him to revisit his grappling base here and contain Fiziev and maybe even score a few takedowns. Fizievs takedown d has been good but has shown to slow a little as fight goes on. 1st round will be the scariest for Bobby
Think Songs boxing is tighter and has power advantage. Kenney going to put out more volume most likely. Was impressed by Songs improved cardio last time out.
small parlay alive and i need chiesa. This fight could look like -300 for either fighter in hindsight. Style clash. grappler vs striker. Luque stuffed a shot from Woodley last fight which impressed me but feel Chiesa's chin is going to allow him to get inside and eventually impose his will.
Gane scary AF

[114-146] -14.83
3* [15-16] -6.99


3*Pedro Munhoz +100 L Closing Line: -110
0.6*Pedro Munhoz Inside the Distance +375 L Closing Line: +330
0.2*Pedro Munhoz in Round 2 +1000 L Closing Line: +900
0.2*Pedro Munhoz in Round 3 +1600 L Closing Line: +1600
2*Bobby Green +275 L Closing Line: +230
2*Manel Kape -205 W Closing Line: -210
1*Vince Morales +102 W Closing Line: -110
0.5*Vince Morales -104 W
0.5*Vince Morales Inside the DIstance +290 L Closing Line: +275
1*Song Yadong +100 W Closing Line: +110
1*Fight Does Not Go to Decision Gane/Lewis -200 W Closing Line: -240
1*Ed Herman "Live Bet" +175 L
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[114-146] -14.83
3* [15-16] -6.99

8/13/21 PFL
1*Loik Radzhabav -175
1*Ray Cooper III +112

8/13/21 Bellator
1*Gegard Mousasi -300
1.5*Gegard Mousasi Inside the Distance +150
0.25*Gegard Mousasi by Submission +1000
1*Raufeon Stots +310

8/19/21 PFL
2*Renan Ferreira -215
2*Brendan Loughnane +190
2*Bubba Jenkins -180

3*Luis Saldana -150
3*Abdul Razak Al-Hassan -120
2*Austin Hubbard +115
2*Roosevelt Roberts -130
2*Brandon Royval +145

1*Daniel Rodriguez +131

3*Walt Harris +185

3*Colby Covington +250 vs Usman
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