uno so far for weds


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Assuming the Sixers are the nuts....don't understand the few betting them over-night and affecting
the line accordingly . They'd rather bet -1.5 for $500 rather than -1 for 5k the next day?
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he already bet -1 is just an individual who kills early nba and a few dimes fits his needs...line tends to go his way
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Dink, does this affect your position on the Rangers?

NY Rangers - GO Henrik Lundqvist (Rest) is not expected to be in the starting lineup Wednesday vs. Washington
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it makes me sad but biron plays well and wins most of his starts....still think there will be money for nyr and i would grab the +ev available now


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Biron is the best backup goalie in the NHL and I think the Rangers play better defense in front of him because they don't expect him to stand on his head the way Lundqvist often does. Dink, I played them for a unit and a half earlier @-104, should I back off some?


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I love your recap. BTW, Biron has been very good. I think he was in goal for that nice, tidy win in Buffalo a couple of Saturdays ago and last Thursday vs. the Islanders. They do tighten up a little bit when he plays. They'll often let Lundqvist stand on his head...because he can do so. Good luck all.