US Open at Winged Foot....

Don’t expect many low scores....if you miss the fairways you will be in a world of hurt.....might be only a handful of players to break par....anyone have any opinions?


All I do is trytrytry
in cases like this load up on all underdog head to head round by round. too much randomness to have much of a favorite imo. In conditions like that with over par the norm most of these head ot heads are pretty much coin flips
I read an article that asked a lot of experts who went out and played it and they said to expect winning score to be plus par. Useful info because you know all these US books are going to post special boosts for the rounds, usually calling for an under par round.
Justin Thomas

The course is so hard tee to green, nobody is going to hit a ton of greens. Look for the best chipper/pitcher to win (like Ogilvy in 2006) which right now is JT in my opinion.