Wait....Fkn Squarepants won the SuperContest Gold?

Just read on vsin in a Dave Tuley column that "There Can Only Be 1" who won the Supercontest Gold for $640,000 is actually SquarePants???

Where is the love for him? Wow this is great to hear and to learn a bit of his background!
Shyt. Missed that thread. Congrats to that old sob!

Wonder when he joins Pregame as he has blown past Fezzik as the greatest football contest player in the history of the world.
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He also won 147k in the SuperContest for a 6th place finish.

Total take 787k.

Fezzik's take after last Super win 196k.
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He also won 147k in the SuperContest for a 6th place finish.
Total take 787k.
And as if that wasn't enough, he also had a shadow entry, "Nito Ichi", for which he mirrored all the SP picks, but flipped the SP week 17 picks, also winning $3.8k in the SuperContest for a 56th place finish.
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Is it true that Fezzik was part of a team for his two supercontest wins and he was the only guy willing to step in front of the camera?

I only know of Scott Kellen of Sixth Sense Sports helping out with the handicapping. I'm sure there were others. Fezzik historically takes all the praise on wins and throws others under a bus on losers. His MO has never changed.
Thanks guys.

Definitely had fun texting the number -- and just the number -- $791,409.21 to my best friend Dean back in Pass Christian, Mississippi on New Year's Day.

For anyone that's interested, there’s info on pulling up the interview by Musburger at post #37 also in this thread.


Still haven’t listened back to it, but enjoyed the heck out of doing it at the time.

I still have a ways to go before I match or exceed Steve, as he does have those back-to-back SuperContest Classic wins. (And I'll be trying.) The thing that he did that really impressed the heck out of me was a “Beat Bogdanovich” series that John hosted on I think it was a Leroy’s Friday radio show a decade or so back. Fezzik was impeccable in how he worked his way around both the betting board and the rules of that particular H2H matchup. Both guys came out of that one looking highly sharp, to me anyway.

I’m not a big fan of the tout business in general – and in particular the BS and shenanigans that often goes along with it, albeit not necessarily so. But I can’t blame them for the existence of the business itself at least when there are all those people out there who want to pick your brain for picks, for free, if you have any kind of apparent success. After a while, it has to get to feel like, “well, if you want the benefit of my homework without having to do your own, then . . . .” So there's always going to be touts, although some more scrupulous than others.

Me, though, I made a commitment to my day job employers through September 2020 and I plan to honor my word (and, yeah, it does pay well, so it’s not exactly like I’ve joined the Peace Corps, lol). But I don’t plan on going tout once I’m out, as I’d much rather have the freedom to bet for myself and then go do what I want. I like being able to define when quitting time is.

(Well, unless of course someone has a very, very compelling offer.)

Thanks again, guys. It was very nice payday, and a nice accomplishment, after the 15 years here, and the years before that working on trying to beat the NFL while in Louisiana. Looking forward to taking another shot at it this coming season.
You know me well, John. No distractions when the fish are running, especially the potentially seven-figure fish.

Texed, we left it at "a lawyer with the federal government." Until the September 2020 expiry date on my current "temp" gig.

Appreciate the kind comments, guys.