What's with Kleenex?

I went to a local Food Lion today and of course again they had no paper products...neither toiler or paper towels or kleenex type tissues.. The store manage told me that FoodLion had been notified, ther would be NO MORE kleenex until further notice. They are expecting a truck with other paper tissues tomorrow at 4pm Eastern... Is this a local thing with Kleenex?


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I just bought the BIDET on Amazon. No toilet paper needed. I got warm water shooting up my pooper and I love it
Kleenex is overpriced. I get the stop and shop store brand which is pretty good.
So overpriced. It went from $6.99 for 4 to $8.99 for 4 here when the shit started to hit the fan. Total gouging and the stores know it. I don't get it. A psychologist said buying this stuff gives people some sense of control in their lives. Was sold out again today with Lysol. The Fear and The Goofiness is as bad as The Pandemic. You can't eat Kleenex.

Never mind. I forget where and when we live. My bad. Braves fans.