Where can I find a ComptrBob-like Westgate SuperContest update?

John Kelly

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Squarepants talks about watching the Indy-Tennessee game with so much money on the line.

Fifteen years ago, "Square" was on the wrong end of a $220,000 swing with a missed field goal in Week 17.

John Kelly

Born Gambler
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Squarepants talks about his handicapping approach.

No Thursday night games.

He submits his selections every Saturday morning at 10:45.

John Kelly

Born Gambler
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Handicaps in a bubble.

Ignores all the so-called experts during the NFL season.

Squarepants promotes the VSIN show with Matt Youmans, Erin Rynning and Scott Kellen.


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Great stuff Squarepants, Brent was trying to get a winner out of you for the weekend !!!

I think Brent got a pick every week from John Murray at Westgate, you might be getting on the show every week next yr.

Here is link
Thanks, John and Joe . . . yeah, Brent does have that easy like Sunday morning voice, well even though he covered mostly Saturday games, instantly puts you at ease, you're talking with that voice that you've heard for all those years right there in your living room . . . heard a tout on the car radio just a couple of days back where he was doing that "this is the best time of year to bet" line, which I'm sure he used also during the preseason, the first four weeks of the regular season, etc., etc.