Why you guys run Dell off?

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It is what it is. I know for a facts first once Jimmy B sticks the landing, Rude and Ryby for $1 millions. Unless the ticket disappears. Nothing would surprise me.

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Walkoff scenarios increasing, losing scenarios decreasing and once I start getting paid winning tickets, I will add walkoff scenarios which will decrease losing scenarios.

Shorter: Fayta Complee

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I think this is finally the year. Wanted Beard but Celtics more valuable. Wanted Fakers but Nuggets more valuable. No Brooksy with Fakers. Wanted Panthers and Vegas and they are most valuable and they are 3-0, 2-0.


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Really good news, the injury to Barkov isn't as serious as first thought, they can't win the Cup without him, he's that important to everything they do

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Not watching but doesn't appear Celtics are quiting. Hopefully 20 points lead and they quit. raiders is a pos but right. Game 5 any scenario makes this a series.

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If I win enough this week, fifty-two (52) Frenchy roosters. Yeah, you read me. These 3 locked:


These 14 gentleman and 3 ladies every scenario:

Wa Wa


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I don't feels like checking but with Florida and Vegas about to advance, softens the Beantown blow if 150-0 becomes 150-1 but make no Joey bad boy mistakes. This would be Joey bad boy because Jimmy Butler lifting the trophy could be worth millions and millions. Not even Tony Homo any Celtics scenario and this is literally Truth Social with the 2 Brooksy walkoffs with Heat. No Celtics ticket.

You think I'm making this shit up. If Celtics win the series 4-3, will you believe me?

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If Heat and Panthers, I am going to post it. I think I will win be best #100. Not a certainty but it will happen. If Celtics defy history, don't even worry about it. $0. Maybe not right away but whatever I win, I'll lose. Former, 90%. Latter, 100%.

Hi, Grandma.

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I like the way your sparkling earrings lay
Against your skin so brown
And I want to sleep with you in the desert night
With a billion stars all around
'Cause I got a peaceful uneasy feelin'
And I hope you won't let me down
'Cause I'm already standin'
On the ground

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I can't cover every Heat scenario but I can cover 1.

Celtics +230
Panthers +125
Rude +2400
Ryby +650
Rory +1100

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