William Hill Get The Bill Counter Out....


Would like to hear the book-maker report on this. Sure, they house had to take a substantial loss on Tiger's Masters win.

What about the YEARS, decade+ really...where Tiger was over-priced in the Win markets? I mean he was dry as a well for a long time, and people were betting his name.

The house was stealing $$ on those Tiger win bets for years. Only similarity that comes to mind was Dale Earnhardt Jr in the Nascar series. He would get priced up on name recognition and surely returned < 50-cents on the dollar over time.


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My book was putting out a prop on Tiger, will he win a major this year, I think the no was -400 or 450, anyway I was going to put a half unit on NO, but completely forgot, LOL
Guys at my local 7-11 were talking about the future bet winner. Heard it was a Wm Hill bookie at SLS for $85,000 at 14-1 on Tiger. Westgate(Sp) had a couple of bettors winning 100,000 bets. (See Chuckie's link)
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Calling BS that this guy never placed a sports wager before. Sure your first ever sports bet is 85k on Tiger to win 2019 Masters.

Add to that, the guy sounds like a real ahole with how he treated girlfriends and USA reporter.