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"H": 17-4 NCAAF last year (at my last check on his picks/last report).

"H": 5-3 YTD NCAAF.

22-7 overall.
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"H" just posted a pick:

"329 New Mexico +7.5 Caesars -10"
"H" added:


388 NEVADA +1.5 GN -10"

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What brother? I didn't make the bets and make excuses after they lost.
Who's making excuses. He posted the truth, facts.

You come into the thread and laugh about a guy who you allege made "excuses". As if you've never made excuses re your own failures in life. You have. You've done the same.

Reviewing all your contributions to this thread, they are misleading and or repeatedly negative or glass half full type of remarks.
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"S": 4-0, 8-2 ytd.
"S": +13.80 units YTD

"S" has released 2 picks:

EASTERN ILLINOIS -24 -108 over Chicago St

"40 points might be a low amount to spot but 24 is truly a bargain."

UConn -1½ -108 over USC

"Unless a reliable perimeter option emerges, USC will remain stuck on the PAC-12’s treadmill of mediocrity and that makes us sellers. UConn is spotting deflated points and we’re all over it."



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"S" has released these 2:

Stetson +21 -110 over MIAMI

"Miami is very talented. They have at least five dudes that can all go off for double-digits in the same game. However, its defense is not strong enough to be spotting this many points so early in the year. The ‘Canes opened the year with an 18-point win over North Florida, another Sun Belt team that is very much comparable to Stetson."

South Alabama +11 -108 over AUBURN

"an SEC team is always going to be spotting inflated points to a Sun Belt team, which doesn’t mean we can play the Sun Belt team blindly but this one has some merit... Jaguars will be on the shortlist for Sun Belt title contender and we’re going to keep a close eye on this live underdog until the value fades off. As an underdog in this range, the Jaguars are very likely going to come in under the number and perhaps give the Tigers a big scare. Definite overlay."


9-3 YTD


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