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I'm on the other side here... you got a great price though. I would not have bet OVER 9 -125.

I'm not convinced that Castillo has anything figured out and I really like the Reds to hit Davies hard.
Played the Reds TT over 4.5 -125 large. Fanduel had Davies K's under 4.5 -188 - tells you what you need to know in a hitters park. Was looking for Happ props as he has done well in Cinci, none offered on FD.
Forgot about Wynn, still can't believe they are app only like Score. Makes no sense to me how these books can't offer a browser version of their books. So time consuming to get a bet down on apps compared to browser.

well there is a cost of the website.. something like draftkings must cost a lot. Then there are fees for maintenance / security of the site. Throw in more labor to run it or check up on things.


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There's only one way to play Tampa/LAA and its the Rays. Glasnow has been tremendous. So far, I'm more impressed by Ohtani as a power hitter than as a pitcher. He's walking about a hitter an inning and hype is always overbet. His high pitch counts preclude him from going deep into the game but have another effect: it likely saps some of his hitting strength.
If I’m Colorado,I’m making a call to gage interest in Charlie Blackmon.
New GM is 100% scouting, wonder what he's even allowed to trade? I think they should trade everyone they can and burn it to the ground, but this owner has no clue. Trading Charlie to the AL makes perfect sense, he's quality DH material now.
"Price on the dodgers drops from 215 to 176 at my book.Kershaw gives up 9 runs to a milwaukee team that cant score a run to save their life.Just seems odd."
Info about the Angle #1 stuff.


I want to make sure I understand. The RLM is basically that most of the money is coming in on one side but the line is moved by Bookmakers the opposite way it normally would. What I don’t get is why? Are they worried about a big play??


So as the theory of this strategy goes, it is because sharp money is on the other side.

The real answer is more complex. They could be adjusting due to a large wager (from a non-sharp), they could be adjusting due to other liability issues or simply injury or other news breaking