Atl at Chicago?


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Re: Atl at Chicago?

Rose's return and line up to 10.5 where i see it. Atlanta a very competitive team thus far, and Da Bulls are awful in afternoon games.

I absolutely love Atlanta at +10.5 today. I liked em a lot at +7.5 before word of Rose's return....


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Re: Atl at Chicago?

I can get +11 at -10, whereas pinny has 10' -01. There isn't any real advantage to that, is there?
Re: Atl at Chicago?

35 -17 end of 1st quarter.all bulls, damn i knew i should have jump on the bulls.....damn the games you dont play are too danm easy at times........
Re: Atl at Chicago?

Foom, very pissed here as i had ottawa on the ice for the tourney pick and stayed away and had the bulls here for a reg bet and stayed away.......
Re: Atl at Chicago?

On Nova, the line open UCONN-1.5-05 AND held at 3.5 for some time and then it went to plus money at 3.5 and now back at 3-08, tough call but would lean with nova here as well