Cubs Cleaning House....


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I like the Heaney ceiling, if he ever figures out how to throw a change effectively would be able to trust him in a big game
smart and sophisticated gamblers would be getting down on olympic aquatics instead of regurgitation of the trade wire of boring mlb trades

Talk is cheap. Likewise insults. Post something to prove your claims if you want to be taken seriously.


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I don't get why Hendricks is not in the conversation for Cy Young.

That +140 F5 yesterday was nice. THink about that: Hendricks +140 vs Gutierrez. Yes, I know the Reds lineup is much better. But the Cubs didn't need to put up much offense to win that.

But realistically, with DeGrom out of the mix, Gausman, Buehler and the Milwaukee guys have several lengths on Hendricks at the 1/8th pole.