Eye on the Markets: Coronavirus Stocks/Investments thread

anyone in the lumber game ?
Yes but not market related.

I am well situated in one of the most rapidly developed cities in N.A. with many small local processors. Prepaid for a small order of 150k board feet of framing and strapping, sent it to a very tight market elsewhere in exchange for hardwood plank, which is very scarce here. I'll sit on that for a bit yet.
Finish grade hardwood lumber is gold here. Cabinetry orders are very hard to fill.
etherum keeps going up... near 3k... Bitcoin seems like in a slower mode.. AND hers comes dogecoin ... probably worth zero in the end but just LOOK at the % going up 37% in past 7 days

crypto market cap past 2 trillion this past month... china came out with their own currency.. how long before the US dollar coins come out.. that the banks have coins... the corporate side already has them.
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Legalized Marijuana Will Be a Big Win for U.S. Pot Stocks
On April 19, the House of Representatives passed a bill by a 3-to-1 margin that would allow the pot industry to use the federally regulated banking system. American cannabis companies—such as Curaleaf (ticker: CURLF), Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF), Trulieve Cannabis (TCNNF), and Cresco Labs (CRLBF)—have licenses to operate in states that allow weed under their laws
TLRY -Tilray, Inc. operates as a pharmaceutical company. The Company develops cannabis based medicines, drugs, drops, and oil products. ( from canada )

CGC - Canopy Growth Corporation, through its subsidiaries, is a producer of medical marijuana. The Company's group of brands represents distinct voices and market positions designed to appeal to an array of customers, doctors and strategic industry partners. ( from canada )
Green Thumb Industries Inc. (GTI) operates as a pharmaceutical company. The Company manufactures and distributes medical marijuana and cannabis products. GTI markets its products in the U.S. ....chairman and CEO of green thumb - who is a descendant of the Jim Beam founder. (USA)

stick with the USA companies... better upside... it will bust out states need cash
The fleet they sold

correct... that was last month.... now they are buying 1 yr old....lol

Rental Companies Buy Up Used Cars as Chip Crisis Get Worse..
  • Hertz, Enterprise turn to auctions with new cars scarce
  • Car crunch will boost rates for companies -- and hurt renters
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That old hag Yellen fucked up the day

the Materials sector.. with infrastructure coming ..... Materials sector has won 7 of the last 10 days Soon as Biden got elected I moved to Infrastructure. The dems like the infrastructure card. it helps the unions

these are some the the best companies ...both going thru the roof

VMC - Vulcan Materials

MLM - Martin Marietta Materials

the S & P in history does less % in months May thru Nov.... tech is losing inside the S&P dragging it down...chip shortage

materials sector the last month +4.92 % vs S&P +1.14 % ---
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doubled last 7 days... this is going to the moon.. does not matter it is worth mule piss or it will crash the world... get off before the last stop...take a limo back

bitcoin is the new myspace or netscape
Saner minds are selling off the sports betting mania. May have topped out from a stock market perspective. Obviously a lot of states to go and growth to come, but these stocks had hit such insane valuations.

some money got injected in the market. A lot of money on the side line..Stocks seem high .... Stocks have some juice left..But not all sectors are good.
Businesses need workers ,, I have most of my money in the USA...waiting on the europe news with signed china deal to go sour real soon...
What do we think of Teladoc (TDOC)? It was back to levels of a year ago (150ish) after going all the way up near 300 in the past year. Looks like some decent support levels around 150.

it is a doctor on the phone / video all over the world..can give meds.. controlled meds ??? . it might be the new thing....will go to latin america africa & anywhere

probably has the hospital email results.... the USA already has this with zoom .. so i guess there is a charge with TDOC ?
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Problem with teledoc is it was one of the first to the punch but it will have plenty of competition...don’t love it from a growth perspective. Would rather buy something like HCA or UHS that will forever be in acquisition and growth mode...consolidation in health care is never ending and even though covid killed a lot of people things aren’t getting cheaper or lower in population needing to pay for services...