How unclutch is ARod?

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Why? Salary is mostly based on past performance, it is money that you're being paid for what you have done. It's just a hope that if you have been good in the past you'll be good in the future. It doesn't always work out that way. Seems to me that players who are financially hungry might play harder than guys who just signed for megabucks. Look at Carl Crawford. Awesome player when he was making peanuts, now that he's signed the monster deal, hes got lesser incentive to be as good as he was.

The system is stupid then. Past performance doesn't win games. Maybe we should base the salaries on current performance.


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Re: How unclutch is ARod?

Brilliant analysis by Mike Vaccaro in the NY Post:
And look: It isn't just fans. Honestly? The Yankees didn't commit a horrific felony this season. They won 97 games. They played a very good series against a worthy opponent. The Tigers won their three games by a total of four runs. Whatever happened to tipping your cap to an adversary who just got the best of you?

Except this is what team president Randy Levine said to ESPN yesterday: "We are the Yankees. When you don't win the World Series, it is a bitter disappointment and not a successful year."
That is absurd, and beyond arrogant, and it's why fans expect nothing short of yearly supremacy, an impossible goal. And it explains why yesterday there was such fury percolating on talk-radio, in email inboxes, all across New York. This is the sickness that befalls you when you brand yourself not only beyond reproach, but beyond failure in a game defined by it.

Maybe there never will be any going back. Maybe the happy faces of Maddon and Leyland belong, permanently, to other towns, and ours is forever the stony-faced visage of Joe Girardi, his face drained of joy the way a bloodless organization's has.
Is that the price of relentless expectation? If so, it's too high.

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Re: How unclutch is ARod?

I think it is reasonable to equate salary to success. If an owner paid $200 million/year (Yankees), I would expect much more success than a team with a $40 million payroll (Rays).

I agree to an extent, which is why if I were the Yanks and CC opts out, I'd let him walk and try and be smarter with payroll but a team like the Yanks brings in more $$$ than it spends out, so thus, can afford to pay these guys which a) put butts in the seats and b) allow them to make a shit-ton from their own network

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Re: How unclutch is ARod?

Brilliant analysis by Mike Vaccaro in the NY Post:

One of the Yanks problems is that they put too much pressure on the players to win at all costs. People forget that these are young men, some are little kids who are barely old enough to shave. People don't want to pay the extremely high prices of Yankees tickets without ownership continually saying how important winning is.