Is oddsmaker Kenny White legit?

boston massacre

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he lost 8 units sat.

Went 1-1 Saturday.


Whose Plays Did You Buy ?

You Probably Don't Even Know.

He Has a Stable of Touts in His Barn.

Here They Are.

The Plays That I Post Come Straight From The Horse's Mouth.

Ken White Himself.

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boston massacre

EOG Dedicated
Thanks for NEB +3.5 Kenny.

Kenny makes numbers disappear like Fezzik.

It's bad enough when they say I got it at, then rub it

in by saying the half will matter.

Fuckin touts.

That Was a Big Number That Disappeared, if People Took Nebraska.

Went To + 2.5


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Kenny had tout HOF material today on VSIN.

For starters had UGA rated at 119 before a snap. Bama at 133.5. After looking at other sites he changed UGA to 124 thinking he undervalued them. 😅 Some CFB expert.

Lastly, nice to know market 6 points off on the total in Championship game. White made it 46. Stay tuned, could adjust with further research as well.

Kenny is always selling. If this doesn't work out I see QVC or HSN in his future.


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White loved Michigan, so doing a Gomer Pyle, golly, I can't figure UGA out. 🤷

They were only the 3rd fav +600 to win it all preseason.


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I don't believe playing experience matters these days when it comes to betting. If it did you'd have dozens of past players touting and winning. Players from the past didn't see or like the analytics that bettors and linemakers depend on to make the numbers.

Any random group of ex players? No. But if you were to take a group of 25 guys who were mathematically sharp and knowledgeable about analytics, within that group I would take those who played the game at higher levels. They usually have a better understanding of the non quantifiable aspects, while purely math geeks basically believe players are programmed robots.