Is oddsmaker Kenny White legit?

boston massacre

EOG Dedicated
he lost 8 units sat.

Went 1-1 Saturday.


Whose Plays Did You Buy ?

You Probably Don't Even Know.

He Has a Stable of Touts in His Barn.

Here They Are.

The Plays That I Post Come Straight From The Horse's Mouth.

Ken White Himself.

From Ken White's Voice To My Ears.

No E-Mails, No Texts, No Newsletters, No EOG Posts.

You Get Hosed, Week After Week.

[IMG alt="Kenny White"][/IMG]

Kenny White​

[IMG alt="Brian Blessing"][/IMG]

Brian Blessing​

[IMG alt="Micah Roberts"][/IMG]

Micah Roberts​

[IMG alt="Greg Sidoris"][/IMG]

Greg Sidoris​

[IMG alt="Marc Lawrence"][/IMG]

Marc Lawrence​

Steve Nover [IMG alt="STEPHEN NOVER"][/IMG]


boston massacre

EOG Dedicated
Thanks for NEB +3.5 Kenny.

Kenny makes numbers disappear like Fezzik.

It's bad enough when they say I got it at, then rub it

in by saying the half will matter.

Fuckin touts.

That Was a Big Number That Disappeared, if People Took Nebraska.

Went To + 2.5