January 6 committee hearings


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Well it did not fool you but that is not why the USA attacked Iraq. They just said that they wanted public support. The real reason was saddam was going to sell the oil in another currency other than the dollar. The US still has bases in iraq. It is called protecting our interest same with Saudi Arabia The US has bases there too. If the US loses control of the dollar the game is over.

No. It’s called stealing, dumbfuck.

And killing millions to do it while lying to the world about WMD’s and involvement in 9/11.

It’s no different than what Putin is doing in Ukraine. If anything, it’s worse.

boston massacre

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I think Dick Cheney was the driving force behind the lies that led us into Iraq. Once Saddam agreed to allow UN inspectors in and the United States refused, I knew they were lying for sure.

Cheney's part of the military industrial complex that controls the country. And everyone believed that he was actually running the country at the time rather than Bush.

The fact that he's considered competent makes it all that much worse.

I think Dick Cheney was the driving force behind the lies that led us into Iraq

Of Course He Was.

War, Fattened His Wallet.

Dick Cheney/ Haliburton

Easy Lesson To Comprehend.

As You Know, U.S.A. and EOG Are Flooded With Morons.

A Lesson For The Morons.

Halliburton and Cheney: War Profiteers in Chief Fight to Keep Their Wallets Fat​

Halliburton's stock has risen 200% since the invasion of Iraq three and a half years ago. David Lesar, its CEO, made over $40,000,000 in 2004 alone.


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Only 1% of young people like Biden, think about that, what happened to young people being democrats? What a disaster. Keep in mind this is a fake/NY times poll, the real numbers are worse, LOL.