Micelli March Madness

Re: Micelli March Madness

DJ....thank bro, A$M defense will cash this ticket.

Not2good...I didnt make any contest plays. Part of my (apparent) strategy.
Try did shock me tonight, making 4 plays! TRYTRYTRY's plays are:662 Memphis U +3 663 Tennessee +5 665 Southern Illinois +9 667 Pittsburgh +3
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Avmongoose...GL Sir
Re: Micelli March Madness

Let's go Vols!!!!

Gotta admit Mic...was surprised not to see you on your Bruins tonight, or are you still thinkin' about it?????
Re: Micelli March Madness

Aaaahhh....you got me their Mic!!! You know I go there as well!!

I took the Bruins as well...you're true followers knew you'd take 'em!


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Re: Micelli March Madness

Damn mic, i didn't even know you had UCLA or i wouldn't of played pitt. O well, still had a good day. Thanks for the rest of the plays!
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Good Job on UCLA>and damn good Job on Tenn.. Pearl got out coached bad in the 2nd half and couldn't stop the momentum... but they hung on...Any team that shoots 47% from the FT line deserves to go home

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I knew when the 3-headed monster....Reb, Micelli and Shady...were on Tenn....percentages of the cover went way up...well in my mind anyway!! Thanks for the hard work Micelli and remember the ole Chinese proverb: Woman puts man in doghouse.....man find cathouse!!!:party


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Oh i'm on UCLA...just didnt post it here. My true followers know how to find all my picks. :+textinb3
Ahh where would that be???

I look for your picks here everyday. Should I be looking somewhere else?
Thanks for all the winners Micelli
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Across...thanks man, always glad to help people bury their books.

FBEYE...thats some funny shit. Nice cash for all of us on Tenn.

Footdoc...i'm really not here to plug my site. dont want any disgruntled mods. check dirty/cannons thread. i believe it is mentioned there. GL with your action.

I love walking to my front door and seeing a large box of LOBELS NY STEAKS

Gonna fire up the grill, then finish cappin these games, Good Luck Everyone
Re: Micelli March Madness

Ned...Vandy way outclassed here. GL

Thanks Dirty, GL Man
G-Town-7 -120 (5)
Oregon O/140' (5)

Ok Guys....This is a fuckin first for me, ALL FUCKIN CHALK!!!!

Dont be scared.....

Oregon-3 (3)

Fla-10 (3)

UNC-8 (3')


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Re: Micelli March Madness

Micelli: I have not had the chance to see this Oregon team play, just how good are they? Will tail ya all of them just very curious about how good this Oregon team is. Thanks & gl always.