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Micelli: I have not had the chance to see this Oregon team play, just how good are they? Will tail ya all of them just very curious about how good this Oregon team is. Thanks & gl always.
3 stud guards. Very fast. Very deadly.
Extremly Tough Defense in the paint. If UNLV must hit 3's to stay in this game.
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I was hoping we matched up on some games I was going to pound them hard. Perhaps this weekend we will match up on the same game.
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sounds good to me.

Need oregon and the over to cash and i'll be happy to escape the day with minimal loss. :+excited-
cant cash everyday....just most of em:cocktail
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Held on for Oregon as well and UNC pulled it out for us as well :houra:houra:houra:houra

way to end the night Mic :+excited-
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How in the fuck we got that over I will never know
21 points in just over 3:30 minutes or so....thanks to UNLV roaring back!!!

I'd rather be lucky than good!! When you get that over, along with Carolina, it's a fucking great finish to the night!:party
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Ah yes....all in a days work. It aint over till it's over. :LMAO :LMAO

4-2 +7.20 units on the night.

i'll recap my tourny numbers when my heart starts beating again....
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I was never worried about the over, i knew when UNLV started their comeback that there would be lots of fouls and 3 pt shots in the final minutes. I was way more suprised by the UNC cover.....

wins a win boys!!!! and that bankroll is gettin fat!!!
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I just finally got the underwear out of the crack of my ass....good thing I do not chew my fingernails!!!! Deeeeam what a finish to these games.....anybody else besides me like this college basketball thing? :+clueless