NHL 2021 Season

So doing some math with the parlay calculator here. VGK is -420 this round let's say, prices vary of course. Then they are even money to win the Cup. That implies they are around -165 to win next round. If we assume Tampa is the opponent 3 out of 4 times, I can implied a price of around -155 for Tampa and -225 for NYI.

Do those not seem high? VGK gets home ice which is now worth something, but still I think they are at most a -140 over Tampa and could see it being closer to pickem depending on how this round goes. The Isles have no betting support so that price might seem right but sharps would be all over the Isles at that.

Are these odds just heavily skewed to offset book liabilities at this point? I'm not betting any more because I got a sizable position on Tampa at 8-1 and not really planning on hedging, but if I didn't I think the Tampa +180 I see out there is moderately interesting, but if Vegas comes in a much larger favorite in the finals then the right move is parlay two series bets now.


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GL with the TBAY Futures WB, I'm curious to see if the 2 dogs have any bite the 1st couple games. Going with this one to start tomorrow.

Islanders to score 1st period - NO -122 pinny 1 unit