Professional Moneyline Underdog System


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anyone here at EOG interested in seeing a ML system for pro-sports that will consistently grind out (10 plus units per month)......

if so, just tell me what room to put the plays in....

we have NFL/NHL/MLB playoffs to consider..... so what would be the best room to post in for multi-sport..

im talking about October 1..
Re: Professional Moneyline Underdog System

Why wait until October 1? We could all use 10 units at the end of this month! Still a couple of days left!


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Re: Professional Moneyline Underdog System

SSI, I would like to take a look at it. I play too many favorites as it is, so i'm open too look at whatever


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Re: Professional Moneyline Underdog System

ive been posting these on another board for 16 straight days and have done hours of back testing...... its the best thing that ive found in a long while.....

what room is appropriate to post in for multi sport plays,,,,, i do not want to keep up with a bunch of separate threads...

coming into today, and posted in newbie room at another board:
37-42 (+7.89 units)...... these numbers are good but not extremely good,,,,, however they are very much in line with the back tested data..

totally legit here, not looking for anything or selling anything..... i have little time as it is..... ive recently went into a partnership of sorts for someone to handle placing some of these plays for me,,,,,,, in order to do more line shopping...

btw, todays plays were: col/cinn/oak/bos
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You have too many systems that failed and disappeared ... you keep changing new "systems"... What is this? Your 86th system play?
Re: Professional Moneyline Underdog System

Is this the same system as the current moneyline underdog system currently being touted?