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OMG!! 2 months in a row!! DOWN GOES BIRDY!! DOWN GOES BIRDY!! CONGRATS JK!! You had 99% of forum rooting for you and you didn't let us down!!

John Kelly

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Thanks WACO.

I finished the month 28-21-1.

I'll take that record every time.

Spoke with "Z" the other day and we've agreed to submit 40 selections apiece in April.

I plan to start the event with some winners in the NIT, CIT and CBI.

I listened to the NC State/Lipscomb game and the NC State announcers were marvelling at how smart Lipscomb played especially the inbounds plays
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John Kelly

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Interesting to note: Lipscomb and Wichita State won three true road games to reach New York City while TCU and Texas won three home games to arrive at Madison Square Garden.

Love the setup for the first-game winner to beat the second-game winner in the NIT Championship Game on Thursday, provided everything goes as planned on Tuesday night.

NIT games at MSG always seem to be competitively-priced (Pick the winner, win the bet).